Press Release

Formosa Packaging merges and relocates two of its business units to a larger manufacturing facility in Valencia, CA that will allow for expansion and growth.


Worry-Free Contract Sleeving

Take the guesswork and hassle out of applying shrink sleeves, and let us apply them for you! With our sleeving expertise, we'll make sure that your product looks flawless!


Make it Luxury

Take your brand to the next level with our selection of shrink sleeves and labels! Our premium metallic finishes are sure to give your product that luxury feel to make it stand out on shelves!


5 Reasons Why Brand Owners Love Tamper-Evident Seals

Are your a proud brand owner? If so, do your brand a favor and read the following reasons why other brand owners love what tamper-evident seals do for their product.


Get Prepped for

Make your product a classroom staple with hassle-free packaging that's better for both kids and parents!


Get Ready for Summer

Make sure your brand stays cool this summer with custom packaging! Our shrink sleeves and labels are a perfect fit for beach products and summer treats!


Press Release | Expanded Printing Capabilities

Formosa Packaging, the global leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, announces the acquisition of FoilFlex, a packaging and printing company in California.


Is Your Packaging in Shape?

When it comes to packaging health and fitness products, a little extra security can make a big difference in the quality of your brand and the performance of your packaging!


Take Charge of Your Branding

With so many beverages on the market, packaging is key to making your brand memorable. Our fully-customizable shrink sleeves will give your product the creative edge!

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Shrink Wraps: The Quality Your Brand Deserves

Are you struggling with getting your brand to match your visions? With shrink wraps, we can ensure that your product will look flawless and ready for shelves!