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Loli's: A Balance of Function & Beauty

This week, we'd love to highlight our customer, Loli's. Loli's creates unique probiotic dressings that are both flavorful and good for your gut–a perfect balance. Our goal was to make sure that our packaging cultivated a similar balance between function and beauty to help showcase their product while still keeping it secure. From vibrant labels to custom neck bands, check out how we were able to bring Loli's vision to life!


Secure Neck Bands

These tamper-evident neck bands ensure that the bottle stays tightly secured to help keep beneficial probiotic bacteria and ingredients preserved. On top of that, they're custom-printed so that Loli's brand could be seen throughout the whole bottle! 

Brand Consistency

From Green Goddess to Lemon Garlic, we strived to make sure that Loli's branding matched throughout each SKU. Our in-house graphics team ensured that all elements of the design and printing were consistent to give their brand a flawless look.


Captivating Labels

With our flexographic printing technology, we were able to create labels that have vibrant colors that can easily stand out on shelves to show off Loli's unique product!

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