A tamper evident seal, also known as a security seal, conforms to the top of your container, allowing consumers

to see that the product has not been opened yet. 


Bottle Caps, Jars, Medicine Bottles, Cosmetics (eyeliner, lip liner, eyeshadows), 

Mouth Wash, Battery Packs



  • Ensure customer safety and security with tamper-evident seals

  • Consumer-friendly and easy to open

  • Customizable colors to capture every market

  • Personalized shapes to envelop different sizes and materials

  • Stock available for expedited shipping


  • Available in clear or custom printed colors

  • Can be designed with or without Pull Tabs or Perforations 

  • We offer both Single, Double, Vertical, and Horizontal Perfs (click here for more information about different Perforations)

maximize safety

customize color, text, and shape

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