When developing/creating digital artwork files, please take into consideration the following guidelines and procedures before sending to us for printing:

1. Provide Contact Information

  • Company Name​

  • Address, City, State, ZIP

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

2. Layout

  • Must be suitable for type of printing (i.e. Digital, Flexographic, or Rotogravure)

  • Layout and main dimensions must be included in the job and must fit template provided by Ameri-Seal, showing fold lines, seam area, and layout restrictions

  • Predicated on the container, distortion areas may need to be addressed

  • A trapping stroke with a minimum of 1.5 points will be needed for all white and light inks/colors of text

  • Bar-codes typically should be placed on the vertical, depending on container

  • All layers are to be unlocked, please DO NOT send flat files

3. File Format

  • Layout Format: Submit Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file

  • Placed Images Format: Adobe Photoshop (.psd) file (NOT FLATTENED)

4. Text

  • Convert all text to Outlines

  • Please DO NOT use image files for text

  • Printer fonts used in the file should also be included for correction purposes

  • Text should be in either color black, a solid Pantone ink, or have a trapping stroke of 1.5 points to prevent registration problems and unclear text

  • 6 point font is the smallest size recommended

  • Reverse printing of text should be created using a single color for the background, such as a Pantone ink (a process color background is not recommended)

  • Please supply file(s) on either CD/DVD, online file transfer service (Hightail, MailBigFile or similar) or email to (Please ensure that the batch size is 5MB or under if emailed)



5. Pictures

  • Ensure that linked images are included in the disk or Zip when sending Illustrator and like files (not embedded)

  • All picture resolution should be at 300 dpi or greater and at 1:1 size or larger

  • Use CMYK color mode, NOT RGB

  • Monotones, Duotones, etc. are available when the color is designed from the Pantone Solid Coated Palette

6. Color Swatches

  • Colors and their Solid Coated Pantone numbers should be clearly labeled

  • Spot colors are best for matching specific colors

  • Please list number of colors used in the job

  • No more than: 

    • 8 colors for Flexographic

    • 10 colors for Rotogravure

    • Digital, prints process color regardless of design

7. Scanning

  • For the best printing results, scan color slides, photographic print or hard-copies with a high end scanner at 300 dpi or greater. (Note: Existing printed samples are NOT acceptable for scanning/printing)

8. E-Mail

  • Compress files as Zip (Package, with all images linked in the Zip folder)

9. Printouts

  • DO NOT use printouts from an inkjet printer to check the standard of printing

  • A Press Check Proof or Pre-Production run is the only way to show actual production quality

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