• Runs vertically down the Tubing or Cut Bands, usually placed 5mm from the edge of Extruded cut bands/tubing or 5mm from the second fold on seamed projects
  • Cuts through the front and back layers of the cut band
  • When the cut band is opened there are 2 SVP (Single Vertical Perforation) on each side of the fold
  • More commonly used on extruded shrink sleeves, but can be used on seamed projects
  • Similar to an SVP, but is applied to each side of the cut band 5mm from each fold
  • This is an SVP/DVP type of perforation that is applied to the film before seaming, thus only perforating one layer of film
  • Vertical perforations must be a minimum of 13mm apart
  • Provides tamper evidence on shrink sleeves while allowing the top portion of the cut band to be removed for use of the product
  • Vertical perforations (a) create a tear-off strip for opening the product
  • Horizontal perforation (b) defines how much of the shrink sleeve will be removed
  • After the T-Perf is removed, the remaining portion of the shrink sleeve, below the horizontal perforation, remains on the product
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