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  • Why should I use shrink film on my products? What are the benefits?
    Shrink sleeves are one of the most effective ways to showcase products with 360 degree design capabilities, tamper evidence, and resistance to chemicals, moisture, friction, and other strong elements. Ameri-Seal has the capability to print sleeves in reverse, making your product scuff-resistant.
  • What is the difference between a shrink band and a preform band?
    A shrink band is cut from a roll of tubing then shrunk onto a product whereas a preform band is pre-molded to the shape of your product for a specific function.
  • What is a tamper evident seal?
    This is a band on a product that shows whether or not the product has been tampered with or opened. Tamper evident seals are perforated and can include text such as "Sealed For Your Protection". To view the different types of perforation options, click here.
  • Can you seal more than one product together?
    Yes, this is called a Multi-Pack shrink sleeve. Multi-Packs are perfect for product giveaways, attaching smaller items to larger items, and moving product volume.
  • What is the best film for a bulky item that is hard to cover?
    We can make a specialty shrink sleeve for bulky items. Our film helps resist scuffs for items that may be bulky and hard to ship.
  • My product has a unique shape. Can you make shrink sleeve that will form to my product?
    Yes, this would be a specialty shrink sleeve. We deal with unique shapes all the time and would be happy to work one-on-one with you to make your products look exceptional.
  • What types of films can be produced and what do you recommend?
    We offer PVC and PET. Our recommendation is based on your product needs. Please give us a call or request a quote for specific recommendations.
  • What are the different printing technqiues offered?
    We offer services in Digital, Flexographic, and Rotogravure printing. To learn more about how each printing technique differs, click here.
  • How many colors can you print?
    With Rotogravure printing, we can print up to 10 colors. With Digital and Flexographic printing, we can print up to 8 colors.
  • Do you offer graphic design services?
    Yes, we have our own graphics department that can help make suggestions on how your artwork will translate to print.
  • Do you provide mock-up prints?
    Yes, we can have a mock-up prepared in about 3-7 days after request.
  • Is there a minimum quantity on purchases?
    This would depend on your project. Please contact us to find out more information or request a quote, we are happy to help.
  • How long does it take for items to ship?
    The lead time depends on your order volume as well as printing technique. To find out more please contact us or request a quote.
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