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Ameri-Seal Prints Neck Bands with Tamper Evident Feature for New Line of Catsups/Salsas

Shrink Sleeve Neckbands

Ameri-Seal Inc., prints PVC neckbands for Orr Brothers Salsa Catsup and All American Burger Sauce.

Four different neckbands were printed; the burger sauces were printed three colors; the salsa catsups were printed five colors. All sleeves were printed rotogravure on PVC film.

The neckbands are unique in that they also serve as a tamper evident feature/closure on the bottles.

Ameri-Seals® are also available in PETG and OPS film applications.

Available in hundreds of cut band and roll stock sizes, from clear to printed labels, stock or custom colors, Ameri-Seals® can be printed on, up to nine colors rotogravure.

Ameri-Seals® also come in different formulations to meet the needs of both Automatic and Manual applications, and create the perfect packaging solution for products needing T.E. assistance

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