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Green Tea Nutritional Boosts Are the Newest PETG Heat Shrinkable Film Application at Ameri-Seal

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One of Ameri-Seal’s newest rotogravure printed BEVERAGE applications is Green Tea Nutritional Boosts from Robeks Corporation. The green tea used in the beverage is organic and each flavor is infused with its own proprietary herb and/or fruit exact formula.

Four colorful PETG heat shrinkable sleeves were printed, three colors each on rotogravure presses:

1. Green Tea Fat Burner
2. Green Tea Antioxidant
3. Green Tea Energy
4. Green Tea Immunity

The tall, slender twenty-five ounce bottles narrow drastically at the top, making PETG the perfect choice--the film's shrink ratio is greater than the more traditional PVC.

Ameri-Seal also Contract Sleeves the bottles at its Chatsworth California location using heat/steam tunnels. This service along with Ameri-Seal supplying the customer with materials cuts costs and saves time.

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