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Artwork Guidelines for Seamed Shrink Sleeve Material

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The following artwork guidelines are to be used for SEAMED Shrink Sleeve Materials.
If you have any questions pertaining to the guidelines, please contact Ameri-Seal's Customer Service Department at 800-220-7981



Ameri-Seal's Guidelines for File Processing


When developing / creating digital artwork files being sent to Ameri-Seal for printing, please take into consideration the following issues:

1.Contact Information must be provided
  • Company name
  • Address, City, State, ZIP
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

2. Layout must be suitable for type of printing to be produced: Digital, Domestic Flexographic or Rotogravure.
  • Layout and its main dimensions should be included in the job. Art must fit the template provided by Ameri-Seal, showing fold lines, seam area and layout restrictions
  • Predicated on the container, distortion areas may need to be addressed.
  • A Trapping Stroke with a minimum of 1.5 point will be needed for all white and light inks/colors of text.
  • Bar-codes typically should be placed on the vertical, depending on container.
  • Layers are to be unlocked, Please DO NOT send flat files.

3. Acceptable file formats (MAC or PC):

  • Layout Format
      1. Adobe Illustrator CS6 (v16.0.0)
  • Placed Images Format
      1. Adobe PhotoShop CS6--- .PSD (NOT FLATTENED)


4. All text in the design should be converted to Outlines.
    1. Printer fonts used in the file should also be included for correction purposes, please DO NOT use image files for text.
    2. Text should be in either the color black, a solid Pantone ink, or have a trapping stroke of 1.5 points to prevent registration problems and unclear text.
    3. 6 point font is the smallest recommended.
    4. Reverse printing of text should be created using a single color for the background, such as a Pantone ink, process color background is not recommended.


5. Please supply file(s) on either CD/DVD, online file transfer service (Hightail, MailBigFile.) or e-mail to (Please ensure that the batch size is 5MB or under if emailed).




5.1 Compress files as Zip

5.2 Link all images and include all images in the ZIP.


6. Pictures:

    1. Ensure that all linked images are included in the disk or Zip archive when sending Illustrator and like files. (e.g., all pictures should be "linked" NOT embedded in the design.)
    2. All picture resolution should be at 300 dpi or greater and at 1:1 size.
    3. Use CMYK Color Mode, NOT RGB
    4. Monotones, Duotones, Etc. are acceptable when the color is designed from the Pantone Solid Coated Palette.


7. Scanning:

For the best printing results, scan color slides, photographic print or hard-copies with a high end scanner. (Note: Existing printed samples are NOT acceptable for scanning / printing.)


8. Color swatches:
  • Colors and their Solid Coated Pantone numbers should be clearly labeled.
  • Spot colors are best for matching specific colors.
  • Please list number of colors used in the job. No more than:
      1. 8 Inks for Domestic Flexographic
      2. 10 Inks for Rotogravure
      3. Digital, prints process color regardless of design


9. Printouts:

DO NOT USE printouts from an inkjet printer to make the standard of printing.
A Press Check Proof or Pre Production run is the only way to show actual production quality

Checklist for Submitting Digital Files to Ameri-Seal

1. Contact Information Provided __ YES __ NO


2. LAYOUT - File Format:
     Adobe Illustrator CS6


__ PC


__ MAC


3. FILE - Supplied On:
     Via E-mail (
     Via Online file transfer service/FTP





4.1 All text converted to paths/outline in layout?
4.2 Are all the Screen and Printer fonts supplied?
4.3 Is all text 6 point or larger?

__ YES
__ YES
__ YES

__ NO
__ NO
__ NO


5. PICTURES (Separate from layout)
5.1 Adobe PhotoShop CS6
5.2 Is the resolution of all pictures at least 300 dpi
     or greater and at a 1:1 size?
5.2 Are pictures low-resolution or scanned from a
     low end scanner?
5.3 Are all the pictures in CMYK Color Mode?

If yes, please supply original color slide for scanning. (Quality will be poor if scanned from existing printed sample)


__ YES 

__ YES


__ YES

__ YES


__ NO

__ NO


__ NO

__ NO



6.1 Are color swatches and Pantone colors
     clearly labeled? Color swatches provided.
6.2 Is color target print out of Job supplied?


__ YES
__ YES

__ NO
__ NO


7.1 Is the layout suitable for printing?

__ YES

__ NO

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