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Services Provided

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Shrink Sleeve Design

Ameri-Seal's offers a Full Service Graphics Department to take your heat shrinkable sleeve "idea" and turn it into a beautiful, finished decorated label. From neck bands to full body shrink sleeves, let Ameri-Seal design the perfect heat shrinkable seal for your product. Separate fees apply. Call for details (818) 700-9036.

Contract Sleeving

Contract Sleeving
by Ameri-Seal, Inc.

Let Ameri-Seal Inc. Apply shrink sleeves directly onto products for you. Our Contract Sleeving Division uses steam and/or heat tunnels to perfectly shrink the labels, and accommodates a wide range of product shapes and sizes. Cut costs and save time with this innovative service.

Mock-ups are available at no charge and sleeves can be shrunk onto glass, plastic, cans, and tins. Multi-pack sleeve capabilities are available as well.

"Many of our customers asked for this service," says Howard Millstein, President of Ameri-Seal Inc. "This way they can cut out having to search for a contract packer that specializes in sleeving after they buy the film from us. Customers ship their products to us; we supply and put on the sleeves, then send the finished products back to them. We're creating convenience. That and quality is what Ameri-Seal is all about."

PVC/PETG/OPS heat Shrink labels can be printed on up to ten colors rotogravure, and Ameri-Seal Inc. offers some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Preforming by Ameri-Seal, Inc.

PREFORMED SHRINK BANDS provide a secure, tamper-evident seal that quickly and easily molds around your product’s packaging in virtually any shaped design. Applied manually, preforms are pre-molded to the specific shape of your container to form a “lip” and “skirt”, making placement on your product fast and efficient.

Preforms shrink in seconds through any standard heat tunnel or by utilizing a hand held heat gun. We stock and offer standard shapes – rounds, rectangles, octagons, triangles, squares, ovals. Preforms can be formed in dozens of solid colors.