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Ameri-Seal has Produced a Series of Unique Shrink Sleeves for H2 Rose, LLC. ...


Ameri-Seal Inc. has produced a series of unique Shrink Sleeves for H2 Rose, LLC. which creates an appealing and vibrant look to catch the consumer's attention. Each Sleeve portrays a life-like fruit and rose which correspond to the flavors of each of the products.

These PET Full Body Shrink Sleeves utilize 8 colors (black, pantone, cyan, magenta, yellow, white, clear, and matte outside printing), with a T-perf sealed for your protection. The goal was to produce Sleeves with simple colors, along with exuding a serene and revitalizing feel for the consumer. Ameri-Seal's Graphic Department was able to make that happen with these Printed Sleeves.

Ameri-Seal's Contract Sleeving Department can also shrink the Sleeves directly onto your products using steam/heat tunnels.

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